Xbox Series X Enable Backward Compability

Microsoft is scheduled to launch its newest game console, the Xbox Series X, in the 2020 holiday season. Although it hasn’t yet been able to get an exact date when the console is released, a number of leaks about the ability of the Xbox Series X are already circulating on the internet.

Currently, Jason Ronald, Program Management Director for Xbox Series X uploads information about their next generation consoles. Quoted from GSM Arena, Saturday (05/30/2020), Microsoft’s next generation console is able to play (compatible) with the old Xbox game titles.

“Starting from the first day of launch, this console is compatible with all games that have been released in four generations of Xbox consoles before, including Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox One X,” Jason wrote.

Furthermore, Jason explained about the challenges so that this new Microsoft console plays old games. One of the challenges faced by the Xbox Series X console development team is the chip architecture variant in each of the old consoles.

But thanks to special chips in the Series X, Xbox OS, and hypervisor this can be realized. Jason claims, compatibility features on the Xbox Series X have been tested playing games for 100,000 hours. With this data, it can be concluded that the Xbox Series S team has played thousands of games on the console.

The Xbox Series X was first announced in December 2019, and is predicted to launch in the holiday season this year.

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