Want to Play PlayStations 2 Games? Use These Emulator!

PS 2 was once the prima donna for gamers. In addition to the exciting graphics of their time, PS 2 games themselves can make a special impression for gamers. In today’s advanced world, Emulators are always an option when we miss old games. This is because hardware and game CDs are too rare to find. Here are the 5 best and lightest PS 2 emulators 2020 for those of you who want to reminisce.


  1. PTWOE

PTWOE may be one of the applications that have received a positive response in the playstore. However, PTWOE is now no longer in the playstore. But you can download this emulator on the official website without getting confused. The advantage of this emulator is that they are still developing until now. They even have several versions that you can try and experiment with with their simple settings.


  1. PPSS Golden

You could say PPSS was a competitor to DamonPS2Pro in its time. However, this emulator actually has more problems than DamonPS2Pro. Has a bug diasana here. PPSS Golden itself includes a Plug and Play emulator without many settings here and there. But remember this PPSS Golden requires SD specs 660 and above. But for HUD, actually this Emulator is arguably not bad, but considering that this application is an application that has stopped developing, it’s better to look for another emulator whose development is still continuing.


  1. DamonPS2Pro

At first glance the name is almost similar to one of the Iso applications which was quite famous at its time. But if you read more carefully it turns out to be different. Damon PS 2 Pro is specifically for Android, if you are looking for an emulator application that runs without problems and has a pretty good HUD, DamonPS2Pro is the answer. This emulator is also plug and play, so you don’t need to be confused about setting up. But DamonPS2Pro is a paid application, so for those of you who want to use it, you can buy it on the google play store.


  1. Play

Next there is play !. Play itself has versions for PC and for mobile. However, Play is better known for the android and IOS platforms. Unfortunately this emulator is not in the Playstore. But you can download it on a site that you trust. For smooth problems, Play can be said to be very smooth. In addition, this application is also a Plug and Play type, so you don’t need to be complicated to make settings here and there. But remember to always pay attention to the specifications requested for this application.


  1. PCSX2

If you talk about the best emulator on PC maybe this is the answer. This emulator has gone through various series until now. You could say this emulator is the closest to perfect. Having settings that can be said to be quite complex, but that complex is what makes this emulator very interesting, because you can set the emulator in such a way as to match the hardware specifications. So for those of you who want to try installing this one emulator, get ready while watching YouTube.


These are the 5 best and lightest PS 2 emulators for those of you who want to reminisce. So are you ready for an adventure with PS 2 games? Which of the emulators have you tasted? or do you have a flagship emulator that is not on the list? Please give your comments in the comments column, okay? Hopefully this is useful and thank you.

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