The Great Puzzle History Between Centuries

Usually, when it’s late or bored, most people will choose to let go of boredom by playing games. Well, in addition to filling in the blank and also eliminating boredom, it turns out there is also a game or game that has a positive impact to make us smarter. Like one of the puzzle games that will be discussed in this article.

The puzzle game as we know it is a game of arranging pieces of pictures which will later become a complete picture. It is also said that this game can increase intelligence for people who play it. Of course it is also very useful, especially for child development.

For this reason, this time I will explain about the puzzle game in this article. Please see the full review below.

What is a puzzle?

Puzzle is a game that is played with the aim of composing images, images are scrambled first. So that the person who plays it tries to arrange it in a frame by connecting pieces or pieces of small images so that they become whole pictures.

The pieces of puzzle images are generally made asymmetrical so that the pieces of the image are unique and help players make it easy to arrange. From the shape and pieces of the puzzle can be adjusted according to the wishes of players starting from large and small pieces. The choice of puzzle pieces that are not too complicated is very suitable for the initial method of introducing this puzzle game especially in children.

Puzzle is a game that requires patience and perseverance in assembling children. Puzzles are thin pieces consisting of 2-3 or even 4-6 pieces made of wood or cardboard plates. By getting used to playing puzzles, gradually the child will also be mentally accustomed to being calm, diligent, and patient in getting things done. Satisfaction obtained when a child completes a puzzle is also one of the motivations for children to find new things

History of Puzzle Development

The word puzzle itself comes from English which means puzzle or unloading. Whereas Puzzles in the Indonesian dictionary are interpreted as guesses. Guesses are problems or puzzles that are given as entertainment that is usually written, or done. Many guesses are rooted in mathematical problems.

The first time the puzzle is made is a jigsaw puzzle. In 1766, by John Spilsbury, an expert on mapmaking, a jigsaw puzzle was created through his idea of ​​drawing a map on a sheet of wood and cutting it into pieces based on its country line.

This puzzle was created to help in geography lessons for school children of that era. By arranging the pieces of the map puzzle, students will learn about the location, position, and geographic relationship between each country.

John Spilsbury saw this as a business opportunity, then he produced and sold the map puzzle. History of jigsaw puzzles up to now to keep up with the times. The puzzle cutting machine is now not just a jigsaw machine, there is a pound machine, a srollsaw machine, or it uses a laser beam to cut pieces made in a puzzle. The pattern that is made now is not just a map, there are lots of puzzles with interesting patterns and images that are often found in educational toy stores.

Apart from jigsaw puzzles, there are also other puzzle forms such as tangram. Tangram is a puzzle that originated in China in 1815. In the literature entitled “The Eighth Book Of Tan” it was written that this game had existed since 4000 years ago by a god named Tan. The game contains 700 pieces and some of them are impossible to solve.

Since then until now, the latest types of puzzles have emerged. With the peculiarities of ways and designs that might be impossible to see, but it turns out that games that require brainpower can also be solved and played. Such as crossword puzzles, labyrinth puzzles, mechanical puzzles, logic puzzles, construction puzzles, combination puzzles, rubbish cube, and most recently, this is a counting puzzle.

Puzzle Types

There are 5 types of puzzles that are famous in the world. The following have summarized five types of puzzles that exist:

Logic Puzzle

Logic Puzzle is a puzzle that uses logical thinking. Like crossword puzzles, puzzle grids, tic toc, and sudoku.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle is a puzzle in the form of a picture. This puzzle is generally played and loved by children. This jigsaw puzzle is generally known by most people. The ingredients of this puzzle are generally from wood or MDF. Examples of jigsaw puzzles are tangram, number letter puzzles, animal / animal puzzles, vegetable fruit puzzles, mathematical puzzles.

Puzzle Combination

Combination puzzle is a puzzle that can be solved through several different combinations. This puzzle is usually made of plastic or wood. An example of a combination puzzle is rubik cube and chungky puzzle

Mechanical Puzzle

Mechanical Puzzle is a puzzle whose chips are interconnected and can form a formation. Examples of mechanical puzzles are lego toys and tetris cubes.

Construction Puzzle

Puzzle construction is a collection of separate pieces, which can be combined back into several models. The most common construction puzzle toys are colorful wooden blocks. These assembled toys are suitable for children who like to work with their hands, like to solve puzzles, and like to imagine. Examples of this puzzle are city block toys and rainbow block wooden toys.

Benefits of Puzzle Games

Strengthening Short-Term Memory

Playing puzzles can improve your thinking process. Puzzle play is useful for all ages, given that young people have thoughts and memories that are very easy to forge while adults and elderly people (elderly) are more vulnerable to weakened memory.

Well, playing puzzles is very useful for your short-term memory. Especially because playing puzzles require memory of form and color, plus imagination of a bigger picture, in determining what pieces are suitable.

Delaying the occurrence of dementia

Puzzle games can train the brain nerves to work properly, even though they are aged or elderly. A study shows that activities that stimulate the brain can delay the onset of dementia or senility in the elderly.

This is evidenced in a report from the Bronx Anging Study, which included data from 488 people aged between 75 and 85 years. At the start of the study, the participants had not shown signs of dementia. Participants then report how often they do activities that stimulate brain function, one of which is puzzle play. The more often playing puzzles, the longer there will be a decrease in memory in the brain.

Practicing Ability to Solve Problems

Playing puzzles for adults will challenge you to find a way to solve the puzzle and how fast it will solve. Every strategy you use to solve puzzles will train your mind to work efficiently in new and different ways. Puzzle play can also help your brain think harder in solving a problem.

Improve Brain Spatial Skills

When you or a child matches one color to another, it trains spatial abilities that require physical and mental activity. You will also form a picture and spatial structure in your mind when playing a puzzle. At that time, the ability of the brain will develop and be able to make a picture in the mind, while producing brain functions that are imaginative and creative.

Problem Solving

Playing puzzles will help improve problem solving. This game will help children to think from various perspectives to complete puzzle pieces to form an image. Puzzle play can also help children to achieve goals and have something to be proud of so that they are compelled to keep diligently connecting puzzle pieces. This will encourage children to learn and try to solve the problem in various ways / points of view.

Developing Eye and Hand Coordination

Puzzles have various images, shapes and colors. With a variety of different will help children in improving the coordination of their eyes and hands. Children will be trained to put puzzle pieces together in different parts. So as to make the child learn in involving movement and concentration while knowing at the same time.

Developing motor skills

By playing puzzles, children must take something that makes a line and move things without having to make damage. This will add motori skills. Not only in basic movements but puzzles will also help control movement and put it in its place. With games that can train motor skills will help children practice abilities, such as writing and eating well.

Developing cognitive skills

Do you know that by playing puzzle children are trained to recognize different sizes, images and shapes so that they will help children in putting puzzle pieces in all directions in harmony and together. So that with such training will make children practice cognitive skills. This game will help in the basics that are done including in the alphabet, objects and counts that are the basis of learning.

Train Patience

By playing puzzle children will be required to combine puzzle pieces so that they must be patient in arranging the pictures in the boxes provided. Children will practice patiently in carrying out the process until they find the desired ‘goal’.

Development of Puzzle Games in the Modern Era

As we know, in today’s world many people are already overly dependent on smartphones. And regarding puzzles, it seems like this game has been abandoned because it will be difficult to carry it if we want to play it in a place other than home.

But make no mistake, there are a number of puzzle games on Android smartphones that make you as a puzzle game lover can play it whenever and wherever you want. The following has been summarized by some of the best puzzle games that you can play on your smartphone:

Candy Crush Saga

This puzzle game made by King may be familiar to gamers. How not, because the game until now has been successfully played by more than 500 million android users in various parts of the world.

Like most match games, Candy Crush Saga will also require you to match three or more of the same colored candy. To get bigger points, of course you have to know certain tricks in order to reach combos.

Although this game is free, in the game you can buy an important item, better known as boosters. The item works so that you have additional lives in the game.

Where’s My Water

Where’s My Water? Tells of a crocodile who wants to take a bath but does not have water. Our job is to help the crocodile to make water flow to where the crocodile is so he can take a bath.

At the initial level the challenges given are not so difficult. But as the level increases, this game made by Disney makes each player think harder to complete various challenging missions.


Are you a puzzle game lover who is thirsty for puzzles? Try the Mekorama game. In this game your job is to guide a small robot to reach the exit of a puzzle block.

The way to play this game is actually not so difficult, because you only need to guide a small robot to reach the finish line which is marked with a red button.

Around the building there is a puddle of water, now if your robot splashes into the water, then you can continue the game not far from where you die. This game itself does not have a level limit, where you can play Mekorama to your heart’s content.


Although not as popular as other puzzle games, 2048 has a challenge that is enough to drain our brains to think about solving existing puzzles. Because the player must be able to move four boxes from one side to the other to get the highest possible value.

It sounds easy, but in fact there are still many players who are stuck at a certain level. With the rules of the game that are easy to understand, this brain teaser game only requires the player to collect the highest possible value until it reaches the number 2048.

To achieve this value, players must think hard in moving four beams in a 4 × 4 or 8 × 8 space.

Cut The Rope

For those of you who like to play games on Android, maybe you are familiar with the title of the game Cut the Rope. Until now, ZeptoLab has succeeded in making various interesting series so that the lovers of this game are not bored.

Basically, this first series is not much different from the series afterwards. Where you still have to feed the main character named Om Nom.

Your task will be to cut the rope so that the frog can eat the lollipop he likes. But of course there are challenges that make you think a little more about cutting the candy string so that it can fall right in front of Om Nom.

Frozen Free Fall

The same is true of puzzle matching games in general, where in this Frozen Free Fall game your job is to match or shift the pieces of the beam to have three or more of the same type.

Actually almost similar to Candy Crush Saga, it’s just that this game from Disney has a more fun game concept. Yep, because players will enjoy puzzle games in the more colorful world of Frozen.

Oh yes, here you will be able to compete with your friends in achieving the highest score. Do you feel good about matching type puzzle games? Prove it by playing this game.

Roll The Ball

Compared to previous puzzle games, maybe the Roll the Ball seems more relaxed and does not require your brain to think harder. Because here your job is only to shift the existing beam to form a path. So that the white ball at the starting point can run to the finish line.

But you should not be careless in shifting the beam, because you are only given a beam shift just a few times. Therefore you must maximize the shift of each beam.

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