The Addictive Game History: Monopoly

Have you ever played Monopoly? What is the history of this game like and what are the best monopoly game applications that you should download?

Monopoly is a game that tests intelligence in buying assets and property. The player with the highest value and asset will be chosen as the winner. Well, in this post, we will describe the history of the creation of monopoly games and a series of good monopoly game applications on smartphones.

The Created History of Monopoly Games

This Monopoly game was originally known as The Landlord Game. The concept of this game was created by Elizabeth Magie from the United States. The patent concept of this game was registered in 1903. The following is a patent drawing sketch of the Landlord Game that has been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The game system is based on the current economic system. This concept was later recognized by the patent in January 1904 (Patent No. 748,626). However, at that time it was not commercialized. Until 1906, he and his friends decided to commercialize the monopoly game. After making some changes and improvements to this game, Magie then submitted the latest patent for the game in 1924 (Patent No. 1,509,312).

Some of the additions made in the new version are more organized and clear street / asset names and game rules. After being patented and widely commercialized, the game became popular and recorded impressive sales over the past 3 centuries.

Inventor’s controversy over Monopoly’s game

Although Lizzy Magie is the creator of the concept of the game, in most historical facts about Monopoly games, her name is not credited as the creator of the real game. Conversely, most of the history of game play recognizes Charles Darrow as the creator of this game. How could this happen?

The popularity of this game got the attention of a Philadelphia engineer named Charles Darrow. He then stole the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis game and made several improvements such as the use of colors in the box and several other changes. In 1933, he then registered his own patent and the game was named Monopoly.

Game sales continued to increase and in 1934, Charles Darrow met with Parker Brothers with the aim of selling the game. He claimed the game was his creation. After a series of meetings and discovering Monopoly potential, finally at the beginning of 1935 the Parker Brothers company agreed to buy the copyright of the Monopoly game from Charles Darrow.

Then in April 1935, Parker Brothers learned that Charles Darrow was not the only creator of the game concept. To avoid conflicts and legal issues, Parker Brothers decided to purchase Lizzy Magie patents and other games that share the same concept. Magie received $ 500 but did not receive any royalties for sold Monopoly games on the market.

Unfortunately for Lizzy, even though the Parker Brothers company bought the patent, they did not mention Lizzy Magie as the creator of the Monopoly game idea, but still stated Charles Darrow’s name as its creator. Therefore, Charles Darrow remained rich and made millions of dollars each year as a result of the royalty payments he received for every Monopoly game that was sold.

The Choice Monopoly Game Application for Your Smartphone

If you don’t have someone to invite to play monopoly, then to fill your spare time or hone your skills in monopoly games, you can download the smartphone version of the monopoly game, be it an Android, iPhone and Windowsphone. Well, this is a good series of monopoly games that you try on the cellphone screen.


This game is actually not like the game of Monopoly in general. This is because there is no playground in this game, no special cards and no characters. That is, this one monopoly game is more likely to be a Bingo game. In this game, you will be given a card that contains a number, when the numbers appear, that’s when the Bingo opportunity!

Miracle Dice ZingPlay

This monopoly game named Miracle Dice ZingPlay presents a game with world superstar figures, such as singer Taylor Swift to famous soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. What’s interesting in this game, the character of the player is packed with funny and chubby nuances. Don’t miss out, there are some extra features that are increasingly attractive to this monopoly game.

Disney Magical Dice

This Disney Magical Dice monopoly game is perfect for those who like Disney cartoon characters. In this game, you will find various popular Disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and so on. The familiar character will accompany you in playing monopoly with different sensations.

LINE Let’s Get Rich

This game presents a different sensation of playing monopoly than before. This game, formerly known as Moodo Marbel, was adapted by LINE to Let ‘s Get Rich. In this monopoly game, not only dice rounds and money are the determinants of one’s victory. Luck and strength of characters in this game also have influence. By carrying out a character and card system, players can tend to become stronger and more powerful. The graphics and effects that appear in this game are quite intense and interesting. So it doesn’t feel monotonous.

Angry Birds: Dice

Line characters and Disney characters have been poured into monopoly games. Well, then there are also Angry Birds characters who don’t want to lose in dice. Indeed the game Angry Birds: Dice is actually not like a complete monopoly game. However, this mobile game has an element of monopoly in it with a little extra external. For example the playground is not as usual. Mastering the arena of play and so on, will be a little different. But it is still fun to play at leisure.

Well, that’s a glimpse of the history of monopoly games and the monopoly game concept in the digital era. Hopefully you start playing it too.

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