Tetris History Old Until Now

Tetris is a game that looks simple, but can make our brain keep thinking. Have you ever played it?

Game Tests Agility

Millions of people around the world have loved games that test dexterity in composing these beams. This simple game was first made by a Soviet Union scientist named Alexey Pajitnov in 1984 in the laboratory of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. At that time this game was not named Tetris, the name was Tetrominoes. Pajitnov made it use an ancient computer, the first computer in the era.

Seeing the game created by Pajitnov, his friends also like and are often played to fill their spare time. Two years later the game was updated using a more sophisticated computer and changed its name to Tetris.

Tetris Becomes Famous

Not long after, a Dutch businessman who used to make Nintendo games called Henk Rogers really liked Tetris. He also helped Pajitnov develop Tetris to make it better and to become famous very quickly.

Then there are many game companies that make their own version of Tetris and sell it with various other gaming devices. To protect the copyright of Tetris, the government of the Soviet Union immediately made a company called Elorg. This company functions to regulate all permits and licenses related to the Tetris game.

The Elorg company set two companies in the world that were given permission to sell Tetris, namely Atari and Nintendo. Atari is a game company from America, they are allowed to sell Tetris on Computer Devices. Whereas Nintendo is a Japanese company that was given permission to sell Tetris on smaller devices such as gadgets.

But after that, Atari turned out to violate his agreement by selling Tetris on a small gadget, which can be put in a bag. Knowing that, Nintendo sued Atari. Then in the second few years the company did not get along.

Tetris became a popular game that began in 1988 in the form of an electronic game called the Game Boy launched by Nintendo.

Formerly Nintendo wanted to include its own game, namely Super Mario Bros. in the Game Boy. But this idea was finally not done, given that Tetris attracted everyone’s attention more than the Super Mario Bros. which at that time was only liked by children.

In 1996 Tetris Company was born

Until 1996, finally the company called Tetris Company was established to take care of all licenses, training and licensing.

Now Tetris is also available in the Xbox One and Playstation 4 with the name Tetris Ultimate, which is the result of collaboration between Ubisoft and Tetris Company.

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