Talk About Differences Between Flash and HTML5 on Online Game

Playing online games directly on the browser is one of the most popular leisure time activities. Many people do it for practical reasons because they don’t need to buy games to install on the device, and can be played directly on the browser application whenever desired. Another reason is the number of new games released every day by game developers around the world, unlike the game consoles that release only within a certain period of time. Maybe you are one of the people who once or even hobbies playing web-based online games. The technology used to play the game has developed over time and technological development. The two kings of technology in this online game are Flash and HTML5. What is the difference like?


Flash technology is very popular in the early era of internet development until now. Flash is widely used to display interactive website pages and online games. This technology has the same appearance between devices, so if you see Flash content on a computer, then view it on a mobile device, the display will be the same.

YouTube is one example of a website that has used Flash technology to display videos on the internet. Likewise with online games, one example of a Flash game that you must be familiar with is Angry Birds. Yes, the game with many colored birds has a mission to destroy the evil green pig that has stolen their eggs. To be able to display Flash-based content or play Flash games on a browser application, you must install a plug-in called Adobe Flash Player. This plug-in is usually installed automatically on some browser applications, if not you can download it directly on the official site.

Flash also colors the development of games for mobile phones, but only up to certain versions, for example on Android only up to Android version 4.0, and even not supported at all on phones with iOS operating systems. The users of mobile devices continue to increase, especially now many smartphones at low prices. Unfortunately, Flash doesn’t support playing online games directly from the mobile browser anymore. Broadly speaking, Flash technology is good for playing on computer devices only because it has low support for mobile devices.


The popularity of HTML5 has increased since Steve Jobs’s decision not to support Flash on iOS devices and when YouTube made the transition from the original one using Flash technology to display videos to HTML5 on its desktop site.

HTML5 is a programming marker that is currently widely used by webmasters to create websites. HTML5 technology uses a different approach to Flash in its application. For games, HTML5 sends APIs to display certain technologies, such as Canvas or WebGL. Besides being able to be used to play web-based online games, HTML5 can be used to create highly dynamic website content because static websites are very old-fashioned and now visitors are more interested in interacting with something that is “alive” and representative.

Unity WebGL is one of the technologies for playing online games that are increasingly popular every day. This technology makes it possible to display Unity content as Javascript using HTML5 technology and WebGL rendering; because it uses HTML5 technology, games with this technology can be played on browser applications. The game presented will use the capabilities of a video card (VGA) installed on a computer or laptop to further improve image quality and performance. WebGL is also able to produce quality 3D graphics that can be juxtaposed with console games. One example of online games with WebGL technology is Combat Reloaded, a 3D shooting game with multiplayer features. The disadvantage of WebGL technology for games is that they still lack compatibility for mobile devices due to limited resources to run them, but may still be able to work on super-sophisticated phones that have very high resources

HTML5 based games do not require additional plug-ins to be played because they use programming markers that are supported by default by the browser application. Then, a set of code written for games can be used on various devices that support HTML5, this makes making and developing HTML5 games easier and more efficient, besides that you can play various multiplayer games. HTML5 games can also be played on mobile browsers, but are only limited to games with simple controls, and of course further optimization must be done so that players on mobile devices can play well without obstacles. HTML5 can be said to be new, so the features and features are still not as much as Flash, but because HTML5 is an open marking language, game developers can make contributions to make HTML5 better in the future.


The two technologies above, Flash and HTML5 are technologies that can be used to create good digital content. Flash has taken root because it has been around for a long time, while HTML5 is a fairly new technology but has good potential. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but if you see the lack of further support for mobile devices whose users are increasing, it can be said that HTML5 is a better technology to be selected and developed.

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