Solitaire Windows Guide Mini Tips

Solitaire is a game in which to win we have to arrange the card numbers from large to small by intermittent red black. This game is a game built (built in) Microsoft Windows OS that has existed from Windows 95 to Windows 10. So, the game is automatically there when you install Windows to your computer.

According to Wikipedia, Microsoft has included this game as part of its Windows product line since Windows 3.0, starting from 1990. Solitaire was developed by an apprentice Wes Cherry in 1989, who did not receive royalties for his work. Microsoft included Solitaire with the intention “to appease people who were confused by the operating system,” at that time there were still many users who were unfamiliar with the use of graphical interfaces. Solitaire has proven successful in familiarizing users with the use of a mouse, such as the drag-and-drop technique needed to move cards.

Solitaire is a game that is suitable to play if you are tired with work, also games that I recently played to fill in spare time #stayathome due to corona virus outbreak. Hopefully this epidemic ends quickly.

This game seems practical and easy. However, if we don’t know the tricks, we can be dizzy because we have never been able to complete or win an episode, so we continue to choose New Game to find the easier one. Therefore, here I want to share tips and tricks to win this Solitaire (based on internet searches and personal experience, oh yes the key tips are at the last point):

Raise Ace immediately. Prioritize the bottom card rather than the top card. If there is a top card that can be dropped, and also a bottom card that can be moved, then choose the bottom card. What for? So you can open a closed card behind it. Losses often occur when there are still many cards that are covered and locked behind. So, try to open all the cards behind the closed by moving the card in front of him to the side if there is a place.

Do not rush to raise the card. If there are cards that can be raised to the top right, then don’t rush into it. Simply raise the first two cards, namely As and 2. See the development of the card draw at the top left, maybe there is a card needed to bring down the card that is drawn. If it’s no longer needed, then the card is raised.

Prioritize shifting cards with the biggest opportunity to open the column. For example, there are 2 empty columns, and there are 2 King cards that can be moved there. Behind the first King card there are 2 cards that are covered, and behind the second King card there is only 1 card face down, so choose the second King card. This will benefit the game because it will speed up the availability of new empty columns when the newly opened card can be moved to another place.

Lower the card that is needed from the top left. Take a card from the top left of the bridge so that the bottom card can be moved, so that the back card can be opened. Do not just pick up a card, remember the main success is caused when many cards are already open.

Draw One. By default, the left card will open 3-3. This will make it difficult for us to open cards that are in positions two and three. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Shift keys while clicking on the card that is still closed at the top left. In this way, the cards will open one by one, whereas if without pressing the button, the card will open 3-3.

You can also simply open the option, then select Draw One. Consider the following picture:

That’s my tips and tricks. For those of you who don’t know how to win this solitaire game, you can try when playing it. May be useful.

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