Second Galaxy Open Beta Phase

Just a moment ago, a Zlongame game developer announced that they would make an open-air space-open MMORPG game. Where in the game, players can become an astronaut, control a spaceship and fight freely in the super large galaxy. Well, the game that is under development is called Second Galaxy and will be one of the biggest Open world games on Mobile. As you know, this is one of the flash game that you might interested in the future.

The settings in the game are 3000 years in the future where human civilization has developed so rapidly, and humans can live and build colonies in space. In the game, there will be 5 groups who want to master outer space, and you as a player will choose one of the 5 groups to fight to be the best, the cool thing is that players will fill important roles in the chosen group and follow the storyline.

In addition to following the storyline, players can get freedom in exploring the game. Players can become a merchant, Poacher, warlord, Bodyguard, Space pirate, Miner, Manufacturer, explorer and many more in the game. There will also be endless customization that players can explore in this game, within the limits given by game developers.

Until now, this game is still under development, but if you are interested you can pre-register the game on the official website.

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