Playing Snake Ladder on Pandemic

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is recommended that all activities be carried out at home. It is recommended as much as possible to avoid direct contact with other people, so that the spread of the Covid-19 virus can be stopped.

Students can keep learning easily with the TV program, so there are no obstacles for students to study at home. Some teachers also adapt to online learning so that students continue to receive learning as usual at school. Online learning can be done like in the google classroom application, or providing learning materials on the special message application “Whatsapp” owned by parents of students. Then the parents give the material or assignments to their children to learn or work on.

But many of the students complained about not understanding or being tired of the assignments they were given. And some parents cannot teach students because of their limited abilities. For students in grade 1 or grade 2 elementary school age, it is difficult to explain basic things such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division without being accompanied by learning that is fun and liked by students.

Primary school teachers use media or game-based learning so that students can be interested in learning the material. Learning while playing is one of the methods often used by teachers to teach students at elementary school age. Traditional games or those that can be played with friends can make students interested and do not feel like they are learning. Although actually during the game there are materials that are tucked in so that students continue to learn.

One thing that can be used and innovative learning on the summing material that I made is “Snakes and Addition Ladder”. The game of snakes and ladders is a game that has been around for a long time but its existence has never been lost among children. A digital version of the snake and ladder game is also available on smartphones so it can be played anywhere. The game “Adding and ladder snakes” can be played at home while getting to know and studying addition material for elementary school or kindergarten students though.

From this game, it is hoped that students can learn addition with a fun game, with the concept of the snake and ladder game students can understand how the concept of addition is. The game is best played with adults so that students can understand the concept of addition as explained by someone who understands it.

The snake and ladder game can also be replaced with an easier game by simply making the snake and ladder board according to your wishes such as only up to 10 squares on a piece of paper, then the pieces are replaced with colored pieces of paper and can be played without dice by determining the numbers and calculating the sum by the board.

If you don’t want to be too complicated, you can use a digital game of snakes and ladders or games on a smartphone device and do the sum according to the dice number you get. But don’t use your smartphone for too long so that students don’t become addicted to cellphones. It is better if games are played with the family so that they create fun family time and a strong sense of family.

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