Nostalgic Game: These Old Days..

When you are playing with new games today, you must have remembered or thought of what the old game was like. Or just miss playing PC and Arcade games in the past, like PacMan, Mario Bros., Digger, or Raiden. Now you can download it even play it online!

The games include:

1. PacMan – Game made by Namco in 1980 which was released by Midway globally and was able to steal the world’s attention with a simple but challenging game.

2. Tetris – A puzzle game made by Russians who is the most legendary puzzle game in the world of computers and arcades. It has been released in thousands of forms and versions.

3. Raiden – Gunship arcade game with the most popular aircraft in the world. Released in various versions and circulated until the 3rd series. In the past to play this game, I had to hang it in a cool place … 🙂

4. Street Fighter – The most popular 2D fighter game in the world and released in 1987. The 3D version, known as Street Fighter 4, is in the making stage.

5. Digger – This game should not be missed by you, because this is a legendary PC game from the era of IBM PC XT.

6. Prince of Persia – Well if you are a fan of computer games in the era of the 1980s to the early 1990s, surely you know this one game. Very exciting and interesting to play.

7. Mario Bros. – Maybe this one does not need to be discussed anymore, because Nintendo must thank this one figure who lifted them to the highest peak of that era by defeating the dominance of Sega.

8. Sonic the Hedgehog – Gamers must know this fast-footed hedgehog. Games about him have been created for various consoles.

There are many more games that can be played directly and the manager of this blog promises to try to upgrade it with more games.

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