My Memories With Super Mario Bros

This is the first game I played when I owned Nintendo. Although I am not good at playing this game but I was able to finish the game in my own way. When I was a teenager I was no longer a kid. But as a kid, I often confessed that I ended this game when asked by friends. This game ended when I got home from school and was just ready to eat. I saw my sisters playing for a long time and they were tired of playing. My heart was racing to replace them playing because I knew I had never finished this game.

I still play with the clothes I wear when I go to school, not just when I was younger, but as a high school senior. I played with the focus that Mario would not die while jumping to avoid a wide gap or passing deadly plants that suddenly popped out of the pipe, so that Mario could survive to the last stage and successfully save the princess.

But unfortunately no one knows that I ended this game. I saw my little sister sleeping in the room and it was funny when I woke up just to show I could finish the game. While my younger brother played outside the house, I searched around the house. I’m pretty proud of this achievement. I smile at myself and no longer feel like I’m lying to myself, because I’ve managed to finish this game just once. Before, when I saw little kids playing Super Mario Bros. I was embarrassed, because they had been able to play Super Mario Bros many times while I had never before.

I remember when I was a kid when I got home from school, which I was after Nintendo. Until my parents get angry, it’s because my Nintendo doesn’t have to eat and not sleep. I’m finally not allowed to play Nintendo for a few days. The beloved Nintendo was put in the closet and locked. The key is nowhere to be found so I was looking for it.

My success ended Super Mario Bros thanks to my siblings playing Nintendo again. Nintendo stored in the back box is released in dusty condition. At first they asked to buy a video game, I forgot if it was Vcom or Playstation. But since Nintendo already exists, my parents don’t have to spend money to buy new video games. My siblings were able to compete with Nintendo at home for a long time. Because at that time Nintendo’s duplicate Vcom was also played by a lot of kids who had the same game as Nintendo, only their physical form mimicked the first release of the Playstation.

What’s more, I was actually not satisfied with the graphics on Nintendo when I played Super Mario Bros when I was a kid. Because not only was Nintendo console game popping up in the 90s, there were still SEGA’s more sophisticated images than Nintendo. It has been more than 20 years for me to understand why the Nintendo Graphics (NES) has lost so much compared to SEGA. Apparently the difference lies in the image resolution, Nintendo is still 8-bit whereas SEGA is 16-bit.

While not as sophisticated as it may seem at times, Super Mario Bros. games are still cool. Even the peculiarities of this game make Super Mario Bros. cool and legendary. One of my favorite moments in playing Super Mario Bros happened when Mario managed to break through a narrow wall by running fast and bowing. But Mario’s bow looked like a squat. Although in a squatting Mario, he could break the bricks that were on his head by jumping. For me it was so special that it made me laugh the first time I saw it.

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