Mobile Game History

HP Game History – The development of gadgets and technology is getting more sophisticated every year. No wonder that various gadget products such as games or mobile phones (HP) continue to issue new innovations every year. One innovation that was popular was the existence of mobile games or mobile games. In general, mobile games are video game games that are played on mobile devices, be it mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and similar platforms. This means portable handheld game consoles such as the Nintendo DS or PlayStation Vita are not included in mobile games. Next we will present the history of the development of mobile games or mobile games, starting from the beginning of the development until the era of the popular Android game.

History of Mobile Games Development

History of the HP Game

The first game on the cellphone is the Tetris game on the Hagenuk MT-2000 mobile device. The Tetris game for mobile phones was first released in 1994 and marked the development of the cellphone game. But of course the most important cellphone developer in the history of mobile games is Nokia. In 1997 Nokia released a game called Snake. This game is very popular and almost everyone in the world has played it on various platforms. Snake no less has been found on more than 350 million gadget devices around the world and become one of the most played games.

The era of the Nokia N-Gage Game

In the early 2000s, Nokia again made a breakthrough and new innovations for business games and cellphone games. Nokia NGage QD was released and increasingly enlivened the gaming industry. Aside from being a cellphone, the Nokia N-Gage is also a symbian-based gaming platform. Even so there are not too many games available. This is because people consider cellphone games only as free time fillers, not as the main entertainment from playing games that are still dominated by popular game consoles.

Java-based Game Era

The presence of Java-based games (J2ME) has enlivened the mobile games industry. Unlike previous versions of mobile games, Java games are available on a cross-platform and can be played on various types of mobile phones. No wonder Java games have become popular for mobile games. Many Java games are available from various world-famous mobile game developers.

The Era of Downloading Mobile Games

At this time, cellphone games are usually downloaded first via the internet or smartphone network. Even so there are also some games that are found on mobile devices when first purchased which are stored in the cellphone’s memory. Initially, mobile games can only be downloaded via the relevant mobile operator. It was only in 2008 when the Apple App Store was available, where mobile users could download games. The Apple App Store is a favorite among first smartphone users to download mobile content including games.

The era of Android Games

Mobile games themselves are also developed through various platforms and technologies. Some of the popular ones include Windows Mobile, Java, Apple iOS, Symbian, Google Android, Blackberry, Adobe Flash and many more. Many people think that Java is the most common and widely used mobile game platform. Even so, Android is currently the most popular and much-loved mobile gaming platform and a favorite of gamers on mobile phones. The era of Android smartphones through various sophisticated smartphones indirectly brings Android games and games to become increasingly popular. These Android games can be downloaded on the Google Play Store both for free and for free.

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