Lebanon High School Has Esport Facilities in Schools

On March 4, 2020, Lebanon High School inaugurated their esports facility. Skyrocketing in popularity of esports, Lebanon High School does not hesitate to go even deeper into this industry. Containing 24 computers with high specifications, the costs incurred to build this facility amounted to US $ 80 thousand.

Lebanon High School has been appointed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to run the PASmart program. Thus, the government has helped fund the procurement of the esports facility.

The PASmart program is an effort by the Pennsylvania government to provide access to educational institutions in the provision of computers. To support learning about computer science and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Esports is also expected to provide opportunities for students to learn critical communication, collaboration, and problem solving that can be applied to work and in everyday life.

Shawn Canady as Chief Information Officer in the Lebanon High School District said “With esports, they are forced to adapt quickly and strategize. These two things are very important in the world of work in the 21st century. ” Lebanon High School also hopes that with this facility they can turn on the competitive realm in Pennsylvania. “We are one of them who has the facilities that are able to organize tournaments and invite other teams to compete here.” Shawn Canady added.

Esports is an extracurricular activity at Lebanon High School. Going forward, Shawn Canady uses this facility as a web design, audio production and video production class. But to participate in this activity, students must meet PIAA eligibility standards. Which means, only students who have a consistent level of class attendance and good academic grades may participate in this program.

Maybe there are those who feel strange about the provision of playing facilities at school. But Shawn Canady stressed that this was one of their efforts to strengthen student relations with the school. “The aim is to keep students active and interested in coming to school.”

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