Jump Into Childhood Memories with Our 4 Games Recommendation

Of the many old school games, there are some that are sure to have a mark on your heart and will not be forgotten. If you remember the game, then chances are gamers will remember the good times in childhood. This article discusses the game, a game that only remembers gamers will drift into nostalgia in a beautiful childhood.

Games full of memories are not just Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Harvest Moon, and Digimon World. But there are other games that are not less present memories of the past. Crew We have chosen seven games that are considered to meet the criteria of evoking good memories in childhood.

What are the games? Read the details below.

  1. Winning Eleven 4 on PS1

When the Reltal PlayStation era was still very hype, the game for the PlayStation X or PS One console was probably the most widely played by hired gamers. Usually gamers play together with friends for a duel, the loser must pay for the winner. But there are also those who prefer to play alone in league mode.

Crew We remember one of the iconic tricks in this game, which is “One Two”. If gamers have issued the trick, chances are the opponent will concede. Well, because the trick is very dangerous for the goal, so many gamers who make a deal when a duel for not using the trick.

  1. Space Impact Nokia 3310

This is not a console game, but a mobile game for the Nokia 3310 mobile phone. Due to the lack of games that can be played on cell phones at that time, Space Impact became one of the coolest games after Snake. This game has a sequel, namely Space Impact II on the Nokia 2280.

Space Impact is a 2D side scrolling shooter shooter game about alien invasion from space to earth. The player’s job is to defeat the Alien Master with the latest aircraft armed with missiles and super power weapons. The pilot in this game is called Geneva, and each new stage will bring a stronger enemy.

  1. Tetris on Game Watch

It seems that this is a game that is very hype in his day. Gamers can play it on watch or Game Watch games that are sold in stores. Tetris is a game that invites players to think fast to arrange the blocks provided.

Blocks in various shapes will come down from the top, and before reaching the bottom, the player must have determined where to place them. Each time the blocks are arranged horizontally (without any holes), the arrangement disappears and points are counted. If the blocks stack high until they reach the top of the screen, the game is over.

Tetris players come from all walks of life, starting from men and women, young and old alike. Even around where our Crew lived at that time, mothers gathered to play Tertis in one game watch in turn. The challenge in Tetris is the time limit available to place the blocks. The higher the level achieved, the less time gained.

  1. Virtua Cop 2 on Pentium 3 PCs

This is the first PC game that Our Crew played after Minesweeper and Solitaire. Originally, this was a game made for arcades, then it was present for the Sega Saturn console. But this game is known after being present on PC. Our Crew used to play Virtual Cop 2 on a PC owned by aunt who was using a Pentium 3 processor.

In Virtua Cop 2, character movements will take place automatically. So the player’s job is to shoot the terrorists that appear at each stop. Not all characters that appear in the area of ​​the opponent are terrorists, because there are captives who sometimes appear where the player is not allowed to shoot the prisoner.

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