Gaming Live Streaming Tips and Tricks For Newbie

The live streaming trend has not shown any signs of abating throughout the pandemic, instead data from Techjury shows the opposite movement, with live streaming experiencing a growth of 99% from April 2019 to April 2020.

What’s interesting – and it’s not hard to guess, is that 63% of people aged 18-34 in the world are indeed the culprits for watching live streaming.

The topic of live streaming content also varies with the aim of entertaining, educating about something, or just maintaining a relationship with the audience. Various social media with live streaming features also make it easier for someone to live stream themselves, so that for live streaming, anyone, anytime, and anywhere can be done.

With the growth of live streaming, becoming a live streamer has also become an interesting job for those who enjoy communicating and exchanging insights with others. Are you among those interested in exploring the world of live streaming?


Here are four live streaming tips and tricks for beginners. Come on, watch!


Prepare the necessary tools!

Before starting live streaming, you need to prepare some equipment to support the quality of your video. This equipment does not need a well-known brand or expensive. Simply prepare a smartphone camera and make sure the camera is clean, so it can capture images well.

You will also need a tripod so you can put your smartphone down and avoid sore hands. The video will look quality too because of the good lighting, for that you need to provide a ring light. However, if you don’t have a ring light, you can also choose a place with direct sunlight. Finally, don’t forget to make sure your internet is stable so there are no interruptions during the live streaming.


Choose a Topic of Interest and Make Points to Be Covered

If your equipment is ready, now you have to think carefully about the topic of conversation that you will bring up. You can find it by reading various articles and conversations in the audience to find it.

Then, choose a topic that you understand and enjoy, such as painting techniques if you like painting, sharing recipes and cooking techniques if you like cooking, or sharing financial tips if you are good at finance. Don’t forget to do research to find facts and data that can support your content and note all the important points that you want to convey so that your live streaming is more flowing.


Interact with the Audience

When you start a live streaming session, start by greeting the viewers who are present to thank them for taking the time to watch your live stream. In the middle or at the end of the session, take the time to read the comments that came in and answer the questions asked.

As much as possible, you must respond and answer it as an appreciation to the audience who is serious about following your conversation. You can also make questions for the audience to answer to make the atmosphere more interactive and interesting. Interaction with viewers is important so that live streaming doesn’t become boring and makes viewers feel close to you.


Collaboration with Friends

So that live streaming is not boring, you can combine it by collaborating with friends or other speakers. This activity also opens opportunities to mutually promote themselves to each audience.

It could be that you have additional fans from friends and other speakers. As a beginner, you can also learn from the other person about their techniques during live streaming, such as speaking styles and how to interact with the audience.

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