Five Types of Gamers

Lenovo’s research reveals that the next generation of gamers is not just a stereotype of old gamers: a boy who feels at home in his room and engrossed in his gaming device.

The report published on Monday (6/10/2019) was carried out through in-depth market research to see who gamers today, especially PC gaming players, and find five segments of gamers.

Regarding the five gamer segments, including Hardcore, Avid, Moderate, Casual, and Casual Costumizers.

Hardcore is a gamer who has played the game for more than 10 years. He plays games for his passion. Usually he is younger and focused on playing games with multiplayers. Playing games is their top priority in finding entertainment.

Avid is a gamer who has been playing games for more than 9 years. Similar to Hardcore, but Avid Gamers more often play alone and enjoy watching streaming games. They pay little attention to graphic quality as a priority.

Moderate is a gamer who has played games for an average of 15 years. They are usually somewhat older than the two previous groups. They like to play games but don’t like watching online streaming.

Casual is a gamer who has played games for an average of 16 years. They like to play single player games and play when there is free time.

Finally, Casual Costumizers are gamers who have played games for an average of 24 years. This group has played games less often than other groups, usually has a gaming PC and still understands the latest components and how to build or upgrade their PCs.

Age plays an important role

Sandhya Nagaraj, Customer Insights Manager, Intelligent Devices Group, Lenovo said, because there are developments in the types of gamers, companies or parties engaged in the gaming industry need to see and understand who gamers today. By understanding who the target market is, and the diversity, he said, companies will be able to better understand how to connect to their needs and they can continue to upgrade their systems in the future.

“The chapter of a gamer’s life is important and as they grow older and have greater responsibilities, the way they play games changes,” Nagaraj explained.

Nagaraj continued, that among the five segments of gamers, age plays an important role. When work and family affairs enter aspects of life, the time available to play games is limited. But the desire to play and the desire to get the best gaming experience still remains.

“They can change from hardcore gamers to moderate gamers, depending on work or life. That’s why the need for a stylish but powerful gaming PC that satisfies all types of gamers is getting higher,” he said.

Next Generation Gamers

Of the five existing gamers segments, according to Nagaraj, it can be seen that there is a difference in how often they play, but there is one thing in common, namely they want to get the best gaming experience.

Average gamers have been playing for years. With an average of 14 years, it is clear that most gamers today are adults, who play games as part of their adult life routines.

“They have games as an option for their entertainment,” Nagaraj said.

On average, gamers spend 7.5 hours per week playing video games, with 28% of gamers playing more than 10 hours each week. So, gamers have a life outside of gaming.

The most famous game genre is social or casual game and first-person shooters. The genre may differ depending on the region, for example in China, online multiplayer games and online multiplayer battle arena games are higher in demand.

For playing time, most gamers choose to play at night (69% of the total time of day), while the rest are required to do their duties in the morning and afternoon. As many as 14% of gamers say they can play whenever they want.

“But most say that work (67%) and family (56%) sometimes become a barrier for them to play more often,” concluded Nagaraj.

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