Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a game that was released about a decade ago, to be precise November 10, 2009 on PS3. Of course at that time I didn’t have a PS3 yet and I missed this game. At that time I was not very interested in playing an FPS model game with a war theme like this, and it certainly wasn’t detected by my radar. But from the news that I read COD: Modern Warfare 1 and COD: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the Call of Duty serries games that are very good among the others.

How lucky I am, in March 2019, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 Remastered became a free PS + game that month, and in August 2020 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered became a free game lineup for PS +. From here I thought, it’s also useful for the Remastered model game, because it can be played by gamers like me who are far behind and finally given the opportunity to play this game with a graphic version that has been updated according to the current gen. So far, I only played 3 series from Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered version was done by developer Beenox, who is a developer from Canada, this developer is currently working on Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (2020) and has a pretty good track and record in developing game- previous games, such as Skylanders Serries and PS3 era The Amazing Spider-Man.

Indeed, it can be said that when I played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, it felt very different from the FPS games I have played so far, the atmosphere of war, the chaos that occurred, stray bullets, friendly fire, coordination, was very thick when playing. this game. I play using headphones, so the coordination between the team feels very much, and as if I am in a position to carry out orders from superiors so that the mission goes perfectly, like killing enemies simultaneously, or having to make the decision to kill an enemy group or we just skip it.

I played this game mostly in Hardened mode and some missions in Veteran mode which is the most difficult level in this COD series, so with the maximum difficulty level, good coordination is needed to kill the existing enemies. Because if we play selfishly, go straight forward indiscriminately and do not coordinate with our team, then we can be sure we will die first. So that when playing as a team and in certain conditions we are forced to play solo, the pressure will feel different, when playing alone or apart from the team, you feel more panicked, nervous and have to play slowly, you shouldn’t be careless. In fact, in certain conditions, I often wait for the team’s help to come, and stay behind for a moment so that our team will finish the shootout that occurred in front.

Each mission has a different atmosphere, maybe this is what makes this game not monotone, just shooting, there is an ice arena where we have to infiltrate the enemy base in an ice storm clandestinely, chasing informers in Brazilian settlements. On this mission, I was quite amazed by the view that was given, the atmosphere of the terraced slum city, and we can see the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer. The view of the green hills in the distance, the colorful paint of the houses and the atmosphere of the bright blue sky, really spoil the eyes on this mission.

After being given a mission that refreshes the eye, the next is the atmosphere of war which is quite tense with the red tones of the sky, in this mission team coordination is really very important. Exploding enemy tanks, protecting Sandra, having to move positions, killing enemies hiding in smoke, all require coordination between teams. Because I tasted playing the game from veteran mode so everything feels quite serious on this mission, fortunately every moment on a hardened modem there is still a check point, which makes this game a little easier. If in Veteran mode there are fewer check points, so we have to be extra careful when playing.

In addition to shooting, this game also includes a little mini game, such as riding a jet ski on the ice mountains, shooting at enemies through armored cars, shooting at enemies on helicopters, to chasing using speedboats, once again making this game quite varied. , not just shooting on the ground. In terms of sound, because I played it full using headphones, the sound of the explosion sounded very jarring, especially when a fighter plane passed by, the sound of the jet engine actually rumbled.

In terms of graphics, I am quite impressed with the remastered results of this game, it really looks solid, very sharp, I did not expect that this is the result of a remastered game released 11 years ago. One of the other interesting things is, the High-dynamic-range (HDR) mode which is quite stunning, the Golden hour evening atmosphere that seems warm and majestic was conveyed in several missions in this game. The mission to save Sandra on Oil Rig 36, looks very showcasing the HDR quality of this game. Night missions are also very good lighting quality, with reflected moonlight, and the light from the gun explosion looks so bright.

As the story goes, you can say it’s not too wow, it’s pretty standard with a little twist at the end of the story. We are taken from one mission to another, from one country to another, there are indeed some quite memorable missions, such as during the massive war in the White House and when there is an Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) missile, all helicopters fall from the sky, suddenly one city became pitch black, but the war had to continue with these conditions, after that the rain started to fall, making the atmosphere quite tense and very memorable in my brain. Besides that, there is also a mission in the wreckage of an airplane, it is also one of the missions that is quite interesting with the visuals and details of the wrecked plane.

Overall I am very fasting to play this game, this has become one of the best FPS Shooter games I have ever played, a very exciting game, changing various types of weapons, picking up enemy weapons, throwing grenades by counting down 5 seconds before throwing , the military code code that has become more familiar to my ears, is a new experience in playing a shooting game. We are really brought like we are completing a big mission from a country, we are like the spearhead of the success of that mission. Initially I didn’t want to write a review of this game, but because this game was quite memorable for me, I decided to write a review as a memento.

I wonder why this game is strong enough in its single player campaign, maybe because in 2009 the multiplayer game market was not as massive as it is now, so Developers still want to focus on making gameplay that is varied and solid like in the Modern Warfare 2 series. After Multiplayer games mushroomed and sold out in the market, FPS games began to lead there, and began to leave the single player story behind. Of course, as an old gamer, I feel that it is not suitable to play endless Multiplayer games, and when playing it requires coordination and reflexes as well as precise shooting accuracy. Multiplayer games don’t suit me.

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