Big Note Flash Geometry Dash Meltdown

RopTop Games has just released the latest iteration of Geometry Dash, a rhythmic platformer game with very challenging gameplay and an adrenaline-pumping soundtrack. This new iteration is titled Geometry Dash Meltdown which has more or less the same gameplay as its predecessor.

Here you will pass various obstacles in the form of spikes, ravines, and platforms that move suddenly. The method is simple, you can simply tap on the screen to jump (in box mode), or hold the finger on the screen to fly (in airplane mode).

You will be accompanied by an adrenaline soundtrack, as well as your guide in making movements. If you are able to read the patterns that exist in this game’s music, then you will be more helpful in estimating when you have to jump.

Geometry Dash Meltdown has several levels that can be played at once. Each has a soundtrack that is also adapted to the atmosphere of that level.

There are various characters that you can open. The trick is to complete the existing level or collect all the coins available there. You can also customize the color of the character you choose.

If you are not satisfied with the level and number of characters available here, you can open the full version of the Geometry Dash Meltdown which contains new levels, new characters, and editor modes. In editor mode you can create your own level and also play the level of other players.

Geometry The Meltdown Dash is an exciting choice if you are looking for a game that is challenging and can be played briefly. The music presented is also able to make each of your successes through an obstacle more satisfying. If you decide to download this game, I recommend that you play with the headset.

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