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Maybe you’ve heard of a company called Atari. Either as a video game developer, or a very old console name. The company, now based in France, has been established for more than 40 years, longer than all the gaming companies we know.

Below is a series of facts about the developer who became the pioneer of the gaming industry in America. Listen so you know the history of the game more broadly, huh!

The idea of ​​a coin

The founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnel, was inspired to win the income coffers of video games. In the 1960s, video games still did not have an audience until finally he founded the company that became the pioneer of the industry. According to Nolan, if the price of a gaming machine is very expensive, then people can just play a video game turn with a coin.

Pong is a famous arcade game created by Nolan Bushnell and friends. But, this game has actually been made on the world’s first console, Magnavox Odyssey. Atari was sued by this problem and found a middle ground with the maker of Magnavox.

The prototype of their Arcade game turned out to be made from used goods

You might not think that the material used to make the Pong game prototype product comes from recycled materials. This prototype machine is made with used tv screens, cheap wood cabinets, to coin collectors from milk cartons.

Atari is the only company that has fired Bill Gates

At that time, Bill Gates was recruited to make the BASIC program onto one of Atari’s computers. Unfortunately, he used to go through deadlines until finally he was fired and replaced by an internal programmer. We already know everything that happened to Bill Gates after that. I will give you a hint, called Microsoft.

Not only Bill Gates, Steve Jobs had also been an employee

Steve Jobs came to Atari’s office in hippie clothes and flip-flops. Because this eccentric company was indeed open to its employees, Steve Jobs was accepted. As an employee, Steve Jobs is famous for being shabby and rarely showering. He and Steve Wozniak had time to work on a game project called Breakout. With the salary obtained from the company, the three of them finally founded the Apple company.

The Atari 2600 console is a pioneer in many ways

The Atari 2600 was named the first console to use a microprocessor. The console can be played single player and multiplayer. Quadrun is the first game that has a human voice. Finally, they are the first consoles with a very diverse number of games.

So the king of consoles for a very long time

The Atari 2600 console has a huge number of games. By using cartridges, they cover the biggest weakness of Arcade games which requires players to pay again if they want to continue playing. The glory of the console for a dozen years is arguably one of the biggest phenomenons in the history of video games.

The number of Atari knockoff consoles

Every technology created should be patented to avoid plagiarism. Unfortunately, Atari ignored this and had a fatal impact. Many competitors make counterfeit consoles and cartridges. As a result, towards the 1980s Atari suffered heavy losses.

All games made for Atari 2600 worked by one person

Today, one game is made by so many people. But all Atari 2600 games are made by one person. Can you imagine the difficulty if a concept, program code, graphics and sound are made by one person?

Adventure game is the first to have an easter egg

The game designers at Atari have never received credit from the games they have made. To the extent that Adventure game developer, Warren Robinett, hid his name in the game he created. He is the creator of the first easter egg game in video game history.

The worst game of all time they also created

Because of the success of the E.T. film the Extra-Terrestrial, Atari used the momentum to make a game with the same title. A programmer was chosen to make a game called E.T. within 5 weeks, and that was a very narrow time! The game failed miserably and became the worst game of all time.

The Atari Shock tragedy which shocked the game world

The success of the powerful Atari 2600 console encouraged many game developers to chase games. However, the lack of quality control on the license resulted in the rise of quality games. Many cartridge games are wasted, the company’s finances have run aground.

After the founder left and fell thanks to the absence of competition and development, Atari ended his glory. Although decades have passed since the fall of the game industry pioneer, they are still strong standing on their own feet to develop small but interesting games such as the Rollercoaster Tycoon franchise.

Will Atari make a comeback on the video game market? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments column, yes!

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