Android Game History

Making this list is something that is quite difficult because obviously a lot of mobile games that count are quite important. But in this list I emphasize the selection of games that contribute to the development of mobile gaming in terms of industrial business. If you have an opinion about a game that is equally important then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Here are the 8 most important games in the history of Mobile Gaming (iOS and Android eras):


On 02-10-2009 Adam Saltsman released Canabalt for the iPhone. At that time Adam did not know that the Canabalt game model would become one of the most widely used game genres in mobile games. Yap Canabalt is one of the very first Endless Runner games. Now Endless Runner has become very mainstream and one of the reasons is because this game is easier to make and has great potential to earn quite a lot of money through IAP as happened at Temple Run.

Angry Birds

I consider Angry Bird a game that is important because of its ability to go global and explore the world of other industries outside the game itself. Who would have thought that a mobile game could be so famous. Now Angry Birds already has its own playground, its own cartoon shows, children’s toys with hundreds of types, mascots on airplanes, underwear and even credit cards! His global ability shows that mobile gaming is not trivial because not many Console or PC games are able to do this.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans entered into this list because in a day this game is able to generate millions of dollars of income from gamers. This proves that mobile gaming is a potentially large industry and at the same time can also generate a significant income. This makes mobile games as a new industry with enormous value and even begins to shift the traditional entertainment industry such as music and film.

Infinity Blade Series

The Infinity Blade series has an important role because this title has succeeded in bringing a significant improvement in mobile game graphics. But the most important thing from this game is the influence of Infinity Blade that has succeeded in bringing new consumer interest to mobile gaming.

I mean, Infinity Blade is an attraction for midcore gaming to start playing on mobile. Previously mobile gaming was only considered a platform for casual players but with the presence of this game it was able to change that and after that many serious games began to emerge such as XCOM, Deus EX and Street Fighter IV Volt.

Real Racing

Real Racing is a phenomenal racing game. Especially for Real Racing 2 which was introduced immediately attracted the attention of the world because of the very good graphics at that time. But that’s not why Real Racing is on this list. I chose real racing because it illustrates an acquisition movement that has recently begun to mushroom. Firemint as the developer of this game proves that mobile gaming is a serious business for developers.

In the end Firemint was acquired by EA which is a PC gaming giant and console. Since then the acquisition of many mobile game developers has begun, such as Hasbro, which acquired Backflip Studio, Gree bought the Funzion studio and Zynga, which bought OMGPOP.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

XCOM entered into this list because this game managed to prove that far more serious games can also get into mobile gaming properly. XCOM offers games that have identical gameplay to the console version. Indeed there are differences in graphic quality but beyond that everything is relatively the same.

XCOM is priced around $ 15 which is one of the most expensive games ever for mobile phones. With this price, XCOM is still able to sell well. This also proves that players are willing to pay dearly as long as the gameplay quality is equivalent to a console.

Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy has an important role because this game indirectly proves that older games can come back to life via the smartphone platform. Smartphones have become an important medium for developers because they can again extend the life of their games and at the same time remain attractive to players. The players benefit because we can play games that we might not have had time to play without having to buy Nintendo, SEGA or Playstation.

Of course you can play it via a PC emulator but that’s only if you have the original game and where else can we buy the original game easily, right? Smartphone through the App Store is the right media for this.

Bike Baron

Bike Baron is on this list to represent indie developers who have managed to profit by using the App Store. Bike Baron is a very famous game from the developer of Mountain Sheep. This game spends 1 year with huge funds and profits. More and more here more and more indie developers who succeed only by using a solid game and a team of 2 to 5 people who have passion.

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