5 Best Android Puzzle Mobile Games

Puzzle game is one type of game that is able to sharpen the brain. The players will be invited how to complete the game by arranging instructions or pieces of the game that must all be put together.

Not just arranging pieces of instructions, some games have been developed into a fun storyline that can even be a memorable game for players. For those of you who like brain teasers, puzzle games are an interesting reference to play.

There are many types of this puzzle game, all of which have their own excitement to play. You can play puzzle games in your spare time to overcome your boredom.

Most of the games have simple rules, but even so these games are still challenging and no less cool than other games.

Well, here are some recommendations for the best android puzzle games that can be your choice of exciting games:

  1. CrossMe Nonograms

In this one puzzle game, your job is to fill in the various columns available in order to open the hidden picture behind the column. After successfully opening all the block boxes, later you will find even more difficult curves. You must complete more than 800 types of monograms in this one game.

This free downloadable game will test how observant and creative you are in solving each puzzle.

  1. RGB Express

Although it does not have the look like a game with 3D effects, this free game is no less interesting and addictive to play. You are tasked with delivering goods with a car. The route to take was already determined and the player was not allowed to get the wrong route.

Although this one game is relatively simple, but requires carefulness in solving each game route. You must not find a dead end so that the game continues to run. (Read: Choices of the best train games for PC)

  1. Monument Valley

In audio and visual, this one game is very superior. The story is quite unique where you have to control a Princess Ida to uncover hidden paths and solve puzzles in this one game.

Various clues available can be your provision in collecting puzzles that are still scattered. Unfortunately Monument Valley is a paid game.

  1. Strata

In this one game, you have to weave the ribbon with the condition of arranging the same color and being in the correct box. You must adjust the location of the ribbon and match the pattern in the example.

Although the rules are simple, high level of accuracy is required to play this one game. Because it does not contain elements of violence, children are also suitable to play this one puzzle game.

  1. Refraction

The rules of this one game are quite simple. You must use a laser, mirror and prism to divide the beam of light. In addition to these three items you also have to herd a beam of light against a variety of colorful balls. This one game offers different levels of difficulty.

The simple graphics really spoil the eye. There are 120 difficulty levels in this free downloadable game.

Similarly, some exciting puzzle game references on Android that you can play. Hopefully useful and blessing.

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