4 Best Arcade Games From the 90s

Are you a millennial generation? If so, you might feel a different euphoria if you think back to a variety of things that were very popular in your childhood. Whether it starts from events in school days, TV shows, brands of snacks, even though the title of a classic game.

Not only games on consoles, nostalgia around classic games also applies on arcade platforms. A successful gaming platform that draws a lot of school kids’ pocket money may be a game platform that is so effective thanks to the support of better graphics and a very high level of difficulty playing. No wonder anyone is tempted to re-enter their coins again shortly after the slogan “please insert coin” sounds.

Although the era of glory has been displaced, but the arcade still holds a variety of beautiful memories, especially for some game titles that were once so popular. Okay, without the need for further lengths, here are the best alias arcade game choices from our version of the 90s. Happy reminisce.

Street Fighter 2

Without the presence of Street Fighter 2, the fighting game genre might not be as big as you see now. As an arcade game that was so popular in its time, Street Fighter 2 is arguably the pioneer that inspired the birth of various modern combat game titles, where players were treated to variations of combat characters, depth of playing tactics, and challenging stage bonuses.

The second iteration of Street Fighter successfully orbits Ryu who is so popular thanks to the characteristic white karate costume (and headband) he wore. Not a few friends of mine who mimic Ryu’s appearance by tying a white cloth around the head and stylized as if releasing Hadoken style from their hands.


If you live in the same era as me or maybe you are older, then there is a possibility that you have ever known a game called Raiden. Just like Street Fighter 2, which has an important role in the fighting game genre, the shoot’em up game made by Seibu Kaihatsu is arguably a success in popularizing the vertical scrolling shooter game that had previously been introduced by Namco (before it was known by Bandai Namco) through Xevious.

Raiden’s own popularity is quite large, even reaching home-based consoles such as SNES, SEGA Genesis, and even PC. I remember how my brothers used to have 5 1/4 inch diskettes that they used to play Raiden through DOS commands.

The good news again, you who want to reminisce playing Raiden can now enjoy all four iterations at once in a mobile game called Raiden Legacy. Although it is not equipped with the sensation of playing on the CRT tube screen that is faded like it used to be, at least through Raiden Legacy we can play this game anytime and anywhere.

Final Fight

Guy, Cody, and Haggar, the three names of this hero will definitely be familiar in your ears if you’ve ever played the beat-’em up scrolling game called Final Fight. This Capcom game was originally made as a sequel to Street Fighter before finally being revamped as an action game candidate who succeeded in getting rid of Double Dragon from arcade competition.

The success of Final Fight itself is inseparable from the innovation of the beat-’em up game that had never been found in similar games in its time. Some innovations such as special attacks that will reduce your portion of life, weapon power-ups, and health items are some of the important innovations that make this game so interesting compared to Double Dragon.

I myself still remember when my hero returned his lost life by eating a piece of fried chicken that had fallen from a wastebasket. If this method is practiced in the real world, it is clear that the opposite happened. Don’t copy your friends.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

Besides being known through Street Fighter 2, Capcom was also known to be keen to release various beat-’em up scrolling action game titles such as Captain Commando, Alien vs. Predators, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara, and many others. But of all the game titles I have mentioned earlier, nothing can beat the uniqueness of the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs theme.

Action games adapted from a comic with a similar title have a unique innovation in terms of gameplay that is so different, starting from the implementation of four-wheeled vehicles in a level (yes you can drive a car in this game), the presence of firearms such as uzi rifles, shotguns, bazookas , etc., and multiplayer support for up to three players on one screen.

In addition to these advantages, the presence of dinosaurs in this game is also one of its own uniqueness that makes Cadillacs and Dinosaurs so special in the eyes of the players. Not just a decoration of a level, the existence of prehistoric creatures is also a powerful “trap” to injure anyone who dares to disturb them, including the players.


That was the four best arcade games from the 90s that we put into this list. If you want to add a game title that you think is far better than my version, you can submit it via the comments column provided below.

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